How to Write Messaging That Will Generate Sales

The Two Things Every Sales Message Needs

Whether customers are actively looking for solutions or you’re trying to pop up on their radar, there are two questions you need to answer before a prospect will move forward:

  1. Why should I buy this?
  2. Why should I buy this from you?

Focus on the Value, Not the Price

Embrace Repetition

Psychology tells us that we learn through repetition. Think about how you learned to ride a bike or memorized the words to a new song. You weren’t born knowing these things, and you didn’t get them right after just one try. Rather, you picked up on them over time through ongoing repetition.

  • Make a straightforward statement
  • Rehash your point in a story or example
  • Include it in a customer testimonial
  • Use a quote from an industry expert, influencer, or customer
  • Write a bulleted or numbered list

Cater to the Buying Cycle Stages

It’s important to get a good gauge on where people are in the buying process so that you can meet them halfway. For those who aren’t ready to buy, you have to serve them different content compared to those who are ready to buy now and even more importantly, those who have already purchased from you.

Offer One Call to Action

Last but not least, you don’t want to muddy your message by making multiple requests. When faced with too many choices, prospects are more likely to opt for inaction because it’s easier than choosing from too many options. It’s a psychological response: people fear making the wrong choice, so they avoid it.



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