8 Ways to Generate High-Quality Leads Now

Getting Started with Lead Generation

  • “We should be on YouTube because there are over 1B users on there.”
  • “We have to also use Pinterest because there are over 66M active users per month.”
  • “Don’t forget Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email marketing, blogging, mobile, local events, and everything else, too!”
  • Where are your existing/potential customers online?
  • What type of conversations are they having? How can you participate in those conversations?
  • What are the top three executions you will implement within a 90-day window?
  • How will you eliminate the noise of being everywhere and become more specific about being in the right place at the right time?
  • How will you get cultural buy-in? (Marketing isn’t just a one-man job; it requires an entire organization to be collaborative and participate)
  • Nail down the top metrics you will need to track to show progress.
  • Nail down a budget to work off of. Stop settling with “yeah if we see progress, we’ll spend more, but for now only spend this much.” Build a model around spend and potential ROI — that way, you’ll have a budget that will foster your efforts, not hinder them. By failing to do this, you risk falling into the bucket of having high expectations with little ability to yield amazing results.

1. Establish a Clear Strategy

  • S.M.A.R.T goals identified. Doing so will help create alignment between sales and marketing by working towards a collaborative objective. (E.g. “We want to increase generated leads by 20% in the next 90 days; sales will work towards having a close rate of 70% or higher).
  • Competitive analysis. Keep tabs on your competitors to understand what they’re doing that’s working well (i.e. taking business away from you) and where there are major gaps that you can fill in. SEMRush will conduct a free competitor overview for your business so that you can better analyze what tactics are working for your competitors and where some opportunities may lie.
  • Budget properly. Here’s the thing — it takes money to make money, so be realistic in terms of how much you’ll need in order to be effective with your executions.

2. Case Studies

  • Asking a client to be a guest speaker in a webinar.
  • Placing client logos on your website, email signature, and blog.
  • Utilizing social media to demonstrate positive feedback; i.e. posting them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

3. Infographics

4. Content Repurposing

  • Turn a blog post into some content for social media platforms
  • Produce a blog post that details what your latest webinar is about
  • Turn your content into newsletters
  • Change it into visual content, i.e. a video, infographic, or eBook

5. Analytics

6. SEO

7. SEM

8. Visual Content

Final Thoughts — Automate Where You Can



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