3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Jumping into Entrepreneurship

Why Entrepreneurship?

The answer to this might be apparent for many who start their own businesses. It’s quite simple: to be your own boss. The need to control your own destiny and focus on building your own dreams instead of someone else’s is an itch you can’t get rid of.

1. They Embrace Having a Path of Their Own

Entrepreneurs are leaders; they embrace having a path of their own to fulfill their dreams. However, creating their own path is not always by choice. The lack of challenge and opportunity in the job market may push an entrepreneur to their pursuits. They create their own opportunity and use their skills that were neglected by those they worked for and capitalize on them.

2. They Crave Flexibility

Entrepreneurs crave flexibility — they don’t prefer your typical 8–5 work schedule. They may work more or longer hours when working for themselves, but the flexibility will make all the difference. They will appreciate having a schedule over which they have better control.

3. They Want More Stability

Whether it’s for their family or themselves, entrepreneurs like the idea of more stability. The facts are that you can work at a company today and be laid off tomorrow. Entrepreneurs like the idea of being the determiner of their outcomes and financial security. You can work hard at a company, increase your skills, and still not get a promotion, bonus, or any other forms of advancement. Even if you do receive a bonus, they may only give you a few cents or so, which doesn’t go very far for really high achievers. Entrepreneurs know that when putting in the time, effort, and hard work for their own business, it will pay off better rewards.

4. They Know They Can Make a Difference

Entrepreneurs know the power they possess to make a difference. They have high confidence in their skills. Although others sometimes can’t see the power in their abilities, entrepreneurs can see their vision so vividly as if it was right in front of them. This is sometimes the motivation that keeps them determined — they can see the end result as if it already were in existence.

Are You Doing What You Love?

I will have to admit that earlier on in my career (before jumping into entrepreneurship), I chased the money while also doing what I loved. Even by doing both, I found that as I continued earning more money, my happiness began to disintegrate. Rather than being excited about jumping out of bed every morning to go to work, I was dreading it. I was living for the weekends and didn’t feel fulfilled.

  • I still wasn’t the person in charge — meaning I had the ability to influence decisions, but the larger strategic decisions were left to the CEO.
  • While I was building out someone else’s passion and dream, I wanted to build out my own.
  • I felt stifled by growth and oftentimes when working for someone else, they want you to be more invested in their vision than aligning that with your professional/personal goals.
  • No flexibility. Working from home (when I was in the workforce) was frowned upon, and it was difficult to do what I loved wherever I wanted.
  • No salary cap. I knew that my earning potential was beyond what anyone would be able to offer me and if I wasn’t getting the growth support, the decision-making power, and the flexibility, the money I was being paid wasn’t worth it long-term.

Are You Okay Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone?

It’s absolutely okay if you’re not 100% ready to run your business full-time, and that’s why running it as a side hustle may be the wisest thing you ever do. By doing that, you will continue working your 9–5, build out your side-hustle into a full-time gig, and reduce the risks at hand should the business fail.

  • Change up your daily routines and try doing one thing a week that scares you or is new to you. This will help change your perspective and build resilience.
  • Push yourself to learn something new every single day. This means reading for at least 30 minutes a day to stay on top of industry news, and anything that can help you navigate the world of entrepreneurship relevant to your niche.
  • Take action and make progress over trying to perfect everything. Nothing hinders growth more than trying to chase perfection. Instead, make execution a daily practice.

What Is Your Purpose?

Knowing exactly what you’re doing is going to be harder to do than knowing “why” you’re wanting to jump into entrepreneurship. Here’s the kicker as well: it has to be more than just “make a shit ton of money.” Your purpose has to serve something greater such as:

  • Creating more jobs.
  • Be a solution to a problem that exists in the marketplace.
  • Be a solution that will provide tangible results and incredible value.
  • You want to create change.
  • You want a better life for yourself and for your family. This isn’t just about financials, but being able to have quality time for self-care and for your family. These things can’t be bought.

Wrapping It Up

When you work for yourself, there’s no one telling you what time to start working or how much you need to accomplish. EVERYTHING is on you to figure out, and while you may have mentors along the way, every decision ultimately rests on you.



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