25 marketing ideas to spark your creativity

1. Create a Content Calendar

2. Answer Common Questions

3. Interview Industry Thought Leaders

4. Video-Record Your Interview

5. Embed a Video on Your Homepage

6. Make a Video of Behind-the-Scenes Footage

7. Host a Webinar

8. Create a Podcast

9. Post Your Podcast on Spotify

10. Conduct a Case Study

11. Create an eBook

12. Write a 101 Guide

13. Create a List of Top-Ten Tips

14. Build an Email List

15. Create a Newsletter

16. Compile a List of Quotes from Industry Experts

17. Combine Quotes with Images and Post on Social Media

18. Create Help-with-a-Problem Videos for YouTube

19. Share a Hack

20. Define Industry Terms

21. Share Smaller Pieces of Content on Social Media

22. Share Surprising Facts

23. Run a Photo Contest

24. Create a Checklist

25. Create a Buyer’s Guide

Final Thoughts



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